Intentions of Infloressence

The inflorescence, in the realms of botany, is the collective composition of the entire flowering axis of a plant. It is made up of uniquely arranged stems, stalks, bracts, florets and of course, the individual flowers. There are intricately interwoven networks of both energetic and physical nature that flow through the plant itself, the Earth below and the atmosphere above.

The inflorescence is the intrinsic manifestation of these networks designed to facilitate the process of flowering. Which allows for the plant to continue its cycles within nature.Of course, this process would not be possible without the synergy of all components of the plant - from roots to flowers, leaves, stems, fruit, seeds and every individual process that exists within each of these structures, right down to a cellular and energetic level.

There is much to learn from plants, in a multitude of ways. The medicine they offer and their very nature of being – a non-coincidental reflection of the processes within our human bodies. Which brings a gentle reminder of our place in the framework of the natural world.This reflection may then be extended and applied in our collective approach to health and wellness.

A returning to the grassroots knowledge and practices that hold the seeds of potential to drastically shift the current paradigm of health - to remember the potency of medicine birthed from hands-on participation, community, sustainability, inclusivity, accessibility and truth. To remember the wholeness of both plants and people alike.Which sets the very intention of this space - may we return to the roots to begin the process of flowering.

Meet Holly

Hello! I’m Holly. I’m a 4th year Naturopathy student, studying a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) with Endeavour College of Natural Health.

I’ve grown up surrounded by the colour & abundance of the Northern Rivers NSW - Bundjalung Country. Always with my hands on the earth, sitting with my mum & grandma in the garden, listening to them share stories of the plants, helping them pick beautiful homegrown bunches of flowers for local stores.

There has always been such a celebration for the natural world around me, especially flowing through the women in my family. Teaching me the way healing can be incorporated into our everyday lives - from simple homemade first aid remedies, to the medicine of growing your own fresh food. This approach remains so close to my heart – that supporting our minds & bodies can be affordable, accessible & empowered.

I have worked in a local grassroots apothecary in a colourful little community for the past 3 years now, soaking up the wisdom of the incredible women in this space which has inspired so much of my vision & allowed me to bring my studies into hands-on practice.

As I’m approaching the end of my degree, I am practicing in the Endeavour Wellness Clinic until the end of the year offering student naturopathic consultations. This is an amazing space full of students who are excited & passionate about supporting others in their healing journeys. I would absolutely love to support you in this process – anything from supporting skin health, restoring gut function, encouraging female reproductive health, stress management & mental health to children’s wellbeing and everything in between!