The Body as a Compass

The Body as a Compass

A heart that softens in the presence of someone who allows you to feel safe. Shoulders that raise in tension at a thought that doesn’t sit right. Lungs that open & breathe deeply in peaceful spaces. A stomach that constricts & knots in knowing something is not intended for you.

Visceral messages throughout our bodies, organs & systems merging together as a foundation to lead, retract & guide us, as we navigate the many facets of being.

When was the last time you felt a tightness in your body? A weight in a certain part that speaks as resistance? An expansion in every cell that underpins a knowing ‘yes’?

These subtleties speak volumes. Although they are often met with doubt & an overriding of intuitive thought with rational logic. The way the body speaks is soft & asking for us to return our trust in a society that prioritises thinking over feeling.

May we move toward spaces that allow these messages to be embodied more openly. To encourage the articulation of intuition as a valid means of rationalisation…”my heart feels that it needs to experience this right now” or “I have a gut feeling that this isn’t for me”.

To celebrate the sensitivity that each of us hold in the fullness of our humanness, may we learn to listen to our bodies a little closer & meet the answers with tenderness as they arise.

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